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Locksmith work

The company AKP Group fulfils the wide range of locksmith work in Kaliningrad to the order by juridical and physical people on the beneficial terms. We fulfil one-time requests and also, we are ready to establish repetitive manufacturing of items and ferrous or non-ferrous metal units according to drawings of a client.

слесарные работы
Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

List of work we do

  • plane or 3D layout of workpieces with applying a part profile keeping sizes according to the work drawing;
  • cutting metal sheets, strips, wire, also, pipes for making workpieces and necessary sizes;
  • round through or pocket hole drilling in particular places;
  • cutting cylindrical or taper thread for making plug connections of workpieces in units;
  • soldering of metal parts together by heating and using particular solders;
  • riveting, making fixed joints of workpieces with the help of steel rods, feeding through a cylindrical holes and flattened at the ends.

Before doing locksmith work, we offer extra service which includes template operations. Their aim is the material loss minimization and time reduction on fulfilling work while maintaining accuracy.

Agreeing on the project with our design bureau
Making 3d models, prototypes and experimental sample
Complete production cycle of a product by our means
Present days numerically controlled machines for high precision work
Technical control during all stages of order producing
Big choice of materials
Delivery and assembly of the construction
Guarantee on fulfilled work

Advantages if you work with us

Locksmith production AKP Group does metal working using updated modern equipment: electrical and pneumatic hand equipment and also, high-tech machines for metal working. High qualification of locksmiths and engineering personnel guarantees the quality result.

Locksmith work from AKP Group

Locksmith center AKP Group provides the production of metal items and units with the strict adherence of technological processes and with a strict conformity with work technical documents. There is a quality control of operations on every stage of the production which allows to exclude the possibility of defects and spoilage. Call us to order the metal production and have the best opinion of our specialist. If you order from 20 000 roubles, a personal manager will supervise your order.

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