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Powder painting

The Company AKP Group offers powder painting service in Kaliningrad. This is an eco-friendly and waste free approach of metalwork with polymeric powder, the main plus of which is strength and durability of the coating. Strong polymeric coating is reliable in protecting the work piece against the external influence.  In addition, it makes the product look aesthetically beautiful. The work is done using professional machines.


During the powder painting, we use:

  • syringes for paint;
  • chambers for powder painting;
  • ovens for baking the coating and making it strong;
  • drying machines at the temperature up to 100 degrees.

We control the quality of a product at every stage of the production.

Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

Stages of work

When use the powder painting, every stage of the process influences on the final result of painting. We strictly follow the process technology, use only materials of high quality and updated machines which guarantees the strength and durability of coating:

  • preliminary stage — preparation of the surface. This step influences on the level of anti-rust value and the quality of the work piece painting. The surface is cleaned properly and applied some conversion compounds. If a work piece needs to be placed outside, zinc plating is used;
  • the main stage — powder painting. A workpiece is grounded. Charged particles are directed on to the surface forming a strong uniform layer on metal due to the static field;
  • final stage — forming coating. To have a strong and durable powder layer a workpiece is exposed to the thermal processing in ovens for baking.
Strength and durability
Wet and ultraviolet resistance
Eco-friendly process of applying and coating itself
Aesthetically beautiful
Low cost price
Special terms of cooperation at the wholesale
Guarantee on all types of work
Working experience — since 2004

Advantages of powder painting

Powder painting is the most spreadable way of metal protection against ruining influence of external factors. This procedure is about almost all metal constructions. The coating becomes uniform.  In addition, due to the optimal combination of the price and the quality this type of painting is ideal for wholesale.

AKP Group — powder painting of any complexity

At manufacturing site of  AKP Group the full a complex of metal production is done including painting as the final stage. That completely excludes the spreadable mistake such as the miscalculation of the product thickness after painting. These miscalculations happen when the construction is made without using the non-complex approach. As the result, that can affect the final quality. Workpieces with polymeric coating, made in our company, are ideal in following the techniques which make the further assembly of metal constructions much easier.

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