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Galvanic coating

The company  AKP Group offers professional services on galvanic working processes in Kaliningrad.  We provide a guarantee on all types of products. At the calculation of series production there are personal commercial offers.

Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

Types of galvanic coating

Galvanic coating is the reliable and budgetary way to protect metal items against corrosion changes. Galvanic coating increases the strength and conductivity of an item and prolongs its work.  Apart from that, galvanic coating makes an item look aesthetically transforming the look of the construction.

We use chemical, electrochemical and electrical technologies of coating for providing the high enduring quality of an item and its functionality.

Galvanic coating can be fulfilled not only separately but also as a set of metal construction works.  In case of set of works, we offer more beneficial price on galvanic coating.

Way of workingThickness of covering, mkmApplication nicheSpecificationsWay of coating
Cold galvanizing35-60Substitutes hot galvanizing at manufacturing a space eating metal construction.Grey, mat coating.Apply electrostatic spray on the pre-arranged surface with the following  polymerization
Chemical oxidationItem protection from ferrous and nonferrous metal in non-aggressive environment.For steel and copper surfaces — black colour coating.Is made by etching in alkaline environment.
Possibility of agreement on drawings with the engineering bureau
Experience and qualification of workers
Updated equipment
Quality control at all stages of work
Guarantee on all types of work
Delivering of the ready product to the client’s storehouse
Individual terms at calculating series productions
Beneficial price


AKP Group guarantees high quality of galvanic metal item working. All stages of work are implemented by experienced workers. Quality of works is controlled at every stage of working.  Coating has got a guarantee.

Comparing to niche producers, we offer the full set of works in engineering, manufacturing and assembling of metal constructions. Package policy allows us to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding at all stages of item assembling.

AKP Group — galvanic coating services

Order galvanic coating of metal items in AKP Group, and get free advice how to choose technologies and ways of galvanic coating and also, some recommendations about anti-rust protection. To place an order, call us or fill in an online application at our website.

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