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Aluminum welding

The manufacturing company AKP Group offers aluminum welding service in Kaliningrad. Up-to-date welding equipment, high qualification and large experience allow us to fulfil orders of any amount and any complexity. We provide a quality control at all stages of work and give a guarantee on items. At the calculating of bulk orders, we give special personal offers.


  • welding equipment ESAB, SELCO, KEMPPI, MEGMEET;
  • set of orbital welding ORBITEC;
  • robotic spot welding machine MEGMEET;
  • 3D welding assembly tables.
Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

Features of aluminum welding

There some particular demands to aluminum welding. Before work you must:

  • clean dust from surfaces;
  • clean edges;
  • make sure there are no any defects.

Our welders always follow the preparatory works and also monitor the visual and operational quality inspection of welding joints when finish.

For work with aluminum in AKP Group the following types of welding are applied:

  • hand Tig d. c. welding (Tig-AC);
  • semiautomatic welding Mig.
Experience and qualification of specialists
Up-to-date welding equipment
Quality control at every stage of work
Guarantee on all types of fulfilled work
Delivery of assembly brigades to any region of the country
Delivery of ready product to the customer’s warehouse
Special offers at production orders
Beneficial prices


Argon welding, being applied in production in AKP Group, gives an opportunity:

  • to make welding joints of different spatial altitude, that is necessary at the production of complex metal constructions;
  • to join parts of different thickness without using complex fluxes and covers;
  • to prevent a product deformation during the process of work;
  • to control the quality of a joint during the process of its formation at the hand welding way.

Applying up-to-date equipment allows to make necessary protective environment and provide strict adherence to standards at welding work.

AKP Group — aluminum welding service to be ordered

The company AKP Group produces separate joints, parts and elements (including mass production). Also, the company does the full cycle of work in producing metal constructions, from making projects till assembly of ready products. Fulfilling the full production cycle, without asking specialists from outside, allows us to avoid mistakes in constructions of complex parts. Owing our design engineering bureau gives an opportunity to our clients to agree on drawings with our designers.

To order call us or leave an online application on our website. If you order from 20 000 roubles, your project will be supervised by the personal manager.

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