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Metal press forming

Company AKP Group offers metal press forming services. We make diverse items using the way of cold press forming out of sheet metal, shape metal, metal belts and strips. There is a multistage quality control. There is a guarantee on all types of products.


At press forming sheet metal to make to the order we use mechanical and hydraulic presses which are able to develop the force up to100 ton.

Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

Press forming price

The cost of the order for metal press forming is calculated individually and it depends on number of factors:

  • Complexity of the product;
  • Bigness of batch;
  • Metal material;
  • Applied equipment.

The bigger your order is the better deal you will get. Also, there is a possibility to produce smaller batch of goods and one-off item.

AKP Group offers the most beneficial terms on metal press forming. Upon that we guarantee the high quality of products and following the deadline.

Stages of metal press forming

The process of metal press forming production is supposed to have several stages:

  • A client provides drawings / ready model of a product. Or the design engineering bureau works on a set of drawings on its own;
  • The representative of the company coordinates with a client the technological process and calculates the price;
  • Specialists work out and coordinate with a client the ready sketch of press forming;
  •  According to the agreed sketch we make press forming rigging (die and punch). While starting up  the order  we make an experimental sample;
  • Workpieces undergo cold metal pressing by the chosen way;
  • After being produced, items are tested on quality control and conformity with demands, and a client takes the product.
High productivity
Accuracy of work up to 0,1 mm
Fine precision
Control by the technical control department
Minimum material waste
Minimum thermal influence on metal
Hardness level saving of an item
Minimum expenses on extensive production

Metal press forming allows:

  • Make samples with minimum mass saving increased demands to the level of the workpiece rigidity;
  • Follow the maximum precision while making workpieces;
  • Automate the process excluding mistakes due to the human factor;
  • Reduce the cost price of an item due to reduction of the waste product quantity and the absence of extra processing.

AKP Group — sheet metal press forming of parts to order

If you order the metal press forming service in AKP Group, we guarantee you will get:

  • Possibility to order not only the extensive production but also single-item production;
  • When needed we work-out of sketches and drawings for making workpieces according to your request. At a large order  engineering development is free;
  • Personal manager to help with your project;
  • Strict adherence to the terms of the order;
  • Company’s special offers at bulk orders;
  • Quality guarantee on all products and assembling.

Should you call us or leave an application and the manager of the company will contact you and clarify the details of the order.

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