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Sheet metal bending

The company AKP Group takes orders for metal bending in Kaliningrad. We use metal bending machines with CNC which allows getting as maximally accurate shape of a workpiece as it is possible, high level of production and fine precision.


Sheet metal bending machine with CNC HACO ERM 2040

Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

Technical specifications

Power of bending40 t
Maximum thickness of bending2400 mm
Metal thickness of a workpiecefrom 0,5 mm  to 3,0 mm

We use equipment with digital program control to bend a large consignment of metal goods. This lets us save time while setting up the machine and deform metal in different directions and at different angles.

High productivity
Precision of bending up to 0,5 degrees
Bending with an arc radius almost of any size
S-shape bending and bending at a right angle
Fine precision
Silicone protection while bending rustless steel
Control by Technical Control Department
Guarantee on all types of work


Main advantages of the mentioned above way of metalworking are:

  • High durability of produced goods;
  • Possibility to create a piece of any shape without using other methods of work (welding, cutting, forging);
  • Minimal risk of corrosion. The absence of welded seams and fasteners prolongs life to a product.

AKP Group — sheet metal bending of any complexity to order

Metal bending works are usually ordered with other productive services: designing, welding, laser cutting. Our specialists will work out the most beneficial and the most effective way of bending for you. Ordering products in our company, you obtain the whole range of services, beginning with the drawing and finishing with installation work.  At all-inclusive order we will make the most beneficial commercial offer.

Should you call the company AKP Group, the manager will take your order and tell the price.  If you need a delivery, tell the manager about it and we will deliver the order on time.

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