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Pipeline assembly and dwelling

The company AKP Group does the pipeline installation in Kaliningrad. Pipeline laying  is a complicated and responsible process which requires professional equipment  and experiences qualified specialists. Especially it concerns pipelines which are exploited under a high pressure and in food industry.  We do the pipeline assembly according to the established standards and production requirement.  We pay a special attention to sanitary and operational standards approved by the Russian Federation Law.


  • A set of orbital welding ORBITEC;
  • A set of orbital cutting ORBITEC
Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia

Sequence of pipeline installation

  • A specialist of the company clarifies the purpose of the future construction and a client’s requirement;
  • Our representative goes to a facility for evaluating the assembly conditions and defining the facility characteristics;
  • Engineers draw up a project of a pipeline, choose necessary materials and equipment;
  • We make an estimate and approve the terms of work;
  • Specialists build some necessary extra constructions, do the pipeline and equipment installation;
  • There is a quality control and set-up and start-up activities. A client accepts the facility and gets a package of guarantee and technical documents.
Fine precision in a strict conformity with a drawing
Technical control during all stages of order producing
Additional possibilities on galvanic coating, heat treatment and other types of metal working
Ready product delivery where it is necessary
Special offers for bulk order
Big choice of materials in a storehouse of the company
Guarantee on all types of work
Working experience — since 2004


The company AKP Group:

  • sends erection crews to any region of the country for work;
  • works according to the strict conformity with standards of the Russian Federationв;
  • is exact in deadlines supervising an every stage of the process;
  • proves the quality of the erection with guarantee and documents;
  • rents finished objects to Rostechnadzor authorities.

AKP Group — pipe laying services of any complexity

AKP Group — it is a quality pipe laying all over the Russian Federation.

For comfort of our clients and maintenance of the quality of work we:

  • Supply our clients with personal managers for supervising projects;
  • Depending on the amount of the order, we calculate the most beneficial commercial offer. When you order from 20 000 roubles, the service of our design bureau is free.
  • Save time and the budget of our clients, doing the full set of work independently without cooperation with outside specialists.

Call us for getting detailed information about the services of our company and drawing up an application.

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