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AKP Group – Effective manufacturing technologies and metalworking production

The company AKP Group – one of the Russian leading producers of complicated complex equipment for mechanization and automation of manufacturing.  We have helped a lot of manufacturing factories raise their effectiveness. Our projects let us reduce labor input and time of technological processes, save resources and the budget.

Making a workpiece according to your drawing, samples or description
Working-out of design documentation
Delivery to any place in Russia
About us

AKP Group is a large company which has the engineering center, manufacturing sites, trade companies and own trade labels.

Our aim is to create a multipurpose manufacturing site in Kaliningrad region for giving a possibility to businesspeople to produce highly competitive products.

Pluses of our company
Own design engineering bureau
High-tech CNC equipment
Fast order processing
Completed product making
Flexible price
Our partners:

AKP Group – metalworking services of any complexity

Metalworking services is one of the main lines of activity. Production facilities of AKP Group are for providing all types of working – from cutting parts to assembly of industrial equipment.  We accept orders of any level of complexity and volume.

Our company offers a package of metalworking services:

  • Mechanical metalworking. Process ferrous and nonferrous metal workpieces according to a client’s order;
  • Laser cutting. Make thermal cutting of metal forming a perfect cutting line;
  • Boring holes. Bore holes of different diameter and depth, including lobe-shaped technological holes;
  • Bending. Take orders for making sheet metal plates of a complicated and non-standard shape without using welded joint or rivet joint.
  • Press forming;
  • Powder painting.

Should you call the company AKP Group, the manager will take your order and calculate the order for free!

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